1. Awarded the IMBA Silver Ride Center Designation – what this means to our community. This provides national advertising for McCall as a mountain biking destination, which means more people coming into town with bikes on their cars! This has gotten the attention of the Mayor and City Council Members – it’s an economic development opportunity for McCall, which means more support for mountain biking in the area.

2. Mountain Bike Festival – This was our third season, and significantly more important and larger in size. We brought in bike companies and biking gear companies, which is a huge attraction for people. And we’ve already been working on next year and growing the event. This event helps to draw new riders to the area and demonstrates the importance of mountain biking to the community.

3. Building our relationship with the USFS – CIMBA has focused on working more closely with the USFS and building our relationship with them, including contributing to their trail work. This is a big step towards ensuring a healthy, positive environment of new trails development and support for mountain biking in the community. There is anew trails guy, Kent, who is a mountain biker and generally cool guy.

4. Take a kid mountain biking – This is an important event that CIMBA supports and is focused on getting the next generation of riders excited about mountain biking.

5. Mountain Bike Racing Team – not specifically CIMBA; however, it is an exciting development in the cycling community. McCall has a High School mountain bike racing team in the National Interscholastic Cycling Association League. We ended up having 6 kids, and already have more that want to join for next year.

6. Trail Days – Unfortunately, we did not have an active Trail Coordinator this year. Our hope was that we would have enough other volunteers to deal with the details so that we could still make our trail days work, and while that did not work out, we did have a fantastic turn-out to the end of season Bear Pete trail day.

7. 2016 – We are focused on continuing to improve the mountain biking opportunities in McCall and are looking specifically to some of the recommendations put forth by IMBA from their ride center evaluation. Next step Gold! And the Trail Around the Lake is getting some renewed focus and progress. We need your help, so please get involved in whatever fashion you can.

Announcing our 2016 CIMBA Board Members:
President: Joe Weede
Vice President: Jim Fitzgerald
Trail Coordinator/Leader: Dave Bingaman
Secretary: Michelle Reagan
Treasurer: John Link


We’ve compiled a list of our accomplishments as well as the regular activities we organize for our members each year. We’re hoping that with all the positive momentum we’ve gained throughout 2013 that 2014 will be one of our best yet!

We hope to see more of you this year at some of our events. There are many ways to support and/or get involved. All activities will be posted on our website and our Facebook page. We will also do our best to send email updates/reminders.

Regular scheduled events: Group Rides  –  Trail Work Days  –  2nd Annual Fall Fat-Tire Festival

Announcing our 2014 CIMBA Board Members:
President: Michelle Reagan
Vice President: Sidney Bateman
Trail Coordinator/Leader: Heather Thiry
Secretary: Carolyn Troutner
Treasurer: John Link
Master of Ceremonies/Events: Gregg Lawley

2013 Year in Review:
First and foremost we’d like to thank Brett Shepherd for his time and commitment as CIMBA President over the past 2 seasons. Many of the below accomplishments would not have been achieved without Brett’s commitment and focus. Thank you Brett!

Another tremendous force on our BOD was Diane Sanders – our Education Coordinator and “Ladies Only” ride coordinator. Diane is dialing back her responsibilities this year, yet we anticipate her still being a significant presence and there is no way she’ll end her weekday morning rides! Thank you Diane!

Our volunteers contributed a total of 382 hours building and improving trails. Many of the trails in Valley County would not have been maintained without your efforts.

CIMBA hosted 26 weeknight and weekend “no drop” group rides – this resulted in over 500 miles covered! In addition, CIMBA also started a “ladies only” Tuesday morning ride which quickly evolved into “co-ed.” The group averaged from 5-12 riders who also met for lunch at least once a month following the ride.

CIMBA BOD and members supported the following events with volunteer hours.

  • McCall City Recreation Kid’s Mountain Bike Camps
  • Payette “Kid’s Ride” in Bear Basin
  • National “Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day” at Bear Basin
  • Donnelly Elementary School 5th grade mountain bike ride and class – volunteers also a tended a pre-ride day to discuss bike maintenance
  • Bike Maintenance Class (sponsored by CIMBA and Gravity)
  • FREE helmets to community kids as needed and as supplies were available
  • GRANT MONEY donated for used bikes for kids – to be used at all of the above events.
  • CIMBA AREA TRAIL MAPS: Numerous individual volunteer hours to get our 2013 Map updated. The maps are by far our largest revenue generator.

CIMBA Trailer

GRANTS: CIMBA was awarded several notable grants in 2013:
1. Brad Duke Foundation
2. State of Idaho Tool Grant
3. Razoo Foundation
4. Wilderness Society Education Grant

One of our BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS – CIMBA was able to purchase a TOOL TRAILER (see photo). This allows us much mobility for trail days and a place to store our tools.

THANK YOU for your involvement with CIMBA – membership renewals can be found on our website or on the IMBA website

If you would like to get involved in any capacity, please email or contact any of our BOD members.

Let’s RIDE!

Your 2014 CIMBA Board of Directors


·Fourth Annual Spring Fling Event: A Fundraiser,Trail Day, Group Ride and BBQ weekend.

·Was awarded a $961 RTP Grant for trail building tools. These funds were made available from the Idaho Mountain Bike Plates program. Also, after discussion with the Membership, we are working on a Grant to acquire a Cargo Trailer to store and haul tools for trail maintenance.

·Organized group rides for the Payette Kids Recreation program, the McCall City Recreation Program, 5th Grader group ride, and IMBAs annual ‘Take a Kid Mountain Biking’ event, as well as beginner Adult riding series and our weekly Tuesday Group rides.

·Organized 7 major Trail Work Days, providing 373 hours of volunteer improvements to trails, as well as many hours coordinating with local Forest Service offices on current and future trail projects.

·Held an annual Mountain Bike Maintenance Clinic, providing instruction on basic and emergency bike repair and safety.

·Became an official chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association. With this designation CIMBA will become part of a unified grassroots network of Mtn Bike Clubs and will benefit from pooled resources. We will speak with a stronger voice on key issues such as trail access, open space designations and other advocacy issues.

· Organized MountainBike McCall, a mountain bike festival which included trail improvement work and multiple group rides for everyone from beginners to advanced riders, showcasing our local trails and promoting healthy outdoor activities.



·Third Annual Spring Fling Fundraiser.

·Completed RAC grant, creating and installing over 60 trail signs in the Payette and Boise National Forests.

·Participated in the McCall Bike Rodeo cycling education event, and assisted with other community education rides for children.

·Organized 4 Trail Day opportunities and contributed dozens of hours of trail improvement work in and around Valley County.

·Continued to work with the City of McCall on development of a City Master Plan/area bikeways.

·Organized and lead weekly group rides to showcase trails and Mountain Biking in Valley County.



·Organized or participated in several educational events in the community – women’s bike weekend, co-ed maintenance clinic, bike rodeo, etc.

·Second annual Spring Fling fundraiser.

·Organized 12 Trail Day/Night opportunities in and around McCall.

·Produced and distributed waterproof MTB specific trail map as a fundraiser.

·Wrote and obtained a RAC grant for signage on the Boise and Payette National Forests.

·Logged over 900 volunteer hours.

·Advocated for trail access with state and local officials.

·Donated to the Idaho State MTB License Plate project (proceeds to go back to trails).

·Organized and lead weekly group rides.

·Initiated with the City of McCall a technical assistance application through the National Park Service to assist in the City Master Plan/area bikeways.

·The USFS initiated a nomination of CIMBA for a National Volunteer Award.