CIMBA Spring Update

Why is CIMBA still part of IMBA?

We’ve been asked that question quite often in the last few years and as a board we’ve discussed it just as often.  The question is usually asked by a rider that feels like Idaho has been abandoned by the organization, in favor of big cities with lots of members.  This spring, we again considered our IMBA status and decided that CIMBA needed to stay an IMBA Chapter. 

We also felt that we needed to tell our members why.

Most members probably don’t know it, but IMBA provides several important services we find useful as a club:

  • Support for our local-level projects and trail work with grants

  • Support for our board of directors with conference calls, webinars, and training on club topics

  • Membership management and CRM software

  • National-level Ride Center designation and promotion

  • National-level Epic Trail designation and promotion

  • National-level advocacy for mountain biking

  • Trail building guides, handbooks, and training

  • Trail Solutions consulting

While those are important, the critical reason to remain is that we currently fall under IMBA's 501c3 status umbrella. To go our own way, applying for and receiving, our own status determination will take at least a year and in that time several major gifts and grants could be jeopardized.  CIMBA isn’t in a position to do this in 2019.  If however anyone has experience with the process and is willing to help, please let us know.

Given all those facts, we’ve decided to remain an IMBA Chapter.

Last but not least, IMBA’s current tagline, 'More Trails Close to Home' has been CIMBA’s unspoken goal too.  We love our area's backcountry trails, but they aren't always convenient or family-friendly.  To keep us all on bikes, and out of our cars, we've been working steadily to add new options near our homes in Long Valley.  Bear Basin, Jug Mountain Ranch, and Tamarack trails all started with CIMBA.  We’ve also helped add the bike park and improve trails in the City of McCall, Ponderosa State Park, Brundage, and on the Boise and Payette National Forests too.  The soon-to-open Payette Lake Trail will be an epic route that adds another trail close to home.

Changes that benefit CIMBA are here.

One major change in the CIMBA/IMBA relationship, is that our members will no longer automatically be IMBA members. ‘IMBA no longer solicits memberships to IMBA, though folks are encouraged to donate and support our national advocacy efforts and the mission. Membership now belongs to our Local organizations…”  This means you can be a CIMBA member and separately choose to be an IMBA supporter- or not.  IMBA will continue to provide our membership management software and you'll probably still see some emails that come from an address.  Using their software is affordable and a fraction of the cost of buying software and getting trained.  The vast majority of your membership fees will continue to stay here in Valley County and go directly into the trails we all ride.

Hopefully this gives everyone some background on the topic and our discussions and you'll be comfortable with the decision. We encourage you to renew and/or join as a CIMBA member to help us continue our work!

On to the fun stuff.

Now that that's out of the way, here are some upcoming events in our area.

  • May 25th - CIMBA/CITRA Trail Work Day at Cow Creek Trail

  • June 1st - National Trails Day Project

  • July 13th - Save the Date! PLT grand opening and party. Stay tuned to for more info!

Additionally, we will have more info coming soon for upcoming group rides as trails start to melt out and open up. Keep checking back at our calendar for updates.

Social media accounts.

We are working hard to revive and improve our communication channels this season to keep everyone in the loop on all the great things we are working on. Please give us a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Strava!

Idaho Gives and International Women's Mountain Bike Day recap.


We kicked off the season right with a great turnout at Broken Horn Brewery to celebrate International Women's Mountain Bike Day with a free showing of Rebecca Rusch's Blood Road. Thanks to everyone who came out and made the event a success! We were able to bring in $250 to the club thanks to your frosty beverage consumption and the generosity of Broken Horn Brewery.

Additionally, we raised $1,680 through our Idaho Gives Campaign, all of which goes straight to the ongoing construction of the Payette Lake Trail. If you missed out, it's still not too late to donate through the link above!

The sun's finally here, so let's get out and ride!

We look forward to seeing you out on the trails!

-Wayne Ruemmele
CIMBA President

Matt Brewster