Announcing the Payette Lake Trail!

We are extremely excited to announce the Payette Lake Trail! The CIMBA board has been working hard on the permitting process with the Idaho Department of Lands to make this dream a reality, and after working through all the details, it’s finally underway.  This summer we started construction on a 33-mile trail that will stretch around the entirety of Payette Lake. Click here for an update of what we accomplished in the summer of 2017.  

Build Process

The overall project is broken down into multiple phases and will take several years to achieve 100% buildout. Phase 1 consists of constructing four to five miles of new single-track near North Beach that will connect the existing Payette Rim Trail and the McCall town connector and by extension, the singletrack at Ponderosa State Park.

The red line is Phase One and the green line shows the rest of the planned trail.

Once finished, the trail will be primarily comprised of natural, modern single-track that is accessible to all non-motorized users. Built entirely on state lands, CIMBA envisions the Payette Lake Trail having multiple entry and exit points, intermediate trail difficulty, and a modern “flowy” trail feel, making it a true public resource for mountain bikers of all abilities. This project represents a unique opportunity to build a heritage quality trail in our vibrant recreational community.

Work on the trail has already begun and we have plans in place to move this project forward in 2018, but we need your help! In the months and years to come we will need to focus on fundraising to finance the construction of this expansive trail. Now is the time to renew your CIMBA membership, get involved with the trail, spread the word about the future of biking in the valley and get stoked! If you would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us!